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Category: Arts and Literature (Poetry, Tanka, Haiku)(7/8)

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Category: Arts and Literature (Poetry, Tanka, Haiku)
Number of pages: 212
Size: A5

Language: Japanese, English



Book Summary

Pandora is a place from which poets with any nationalities can deliver their works to the international, to the world, with a variety of artistic as well as poetical genres, such as haiku, haibun, tanka, waka, free poems, or essays, together with the other artistic works, like photos, paintings, picture card designs, and posters, by the poets, or artists, who live in Japan as well as live abroad. Any languages and races are welcomed.

Participants of Pandora VI are as follows: Sonoko Yasumori, Reiko Ichihra, Masumi Nagai, Haruo Fujita, Tetsuo Kiwakura, Yoichi Sasaki, Akihide Nakao, Seimei Matsuo, Noriko Mizusaki, Jun Hataraki, Akira Iwai, Shigeo Yanase, Michiko Yamamoto, Nobuo Akiba, Peter Aprikott (Heita An), Tsuta Ichikawa, Haruhiko Okayama, Shigeshi Hara, Nachiko Watanabe, and Atsuko Yamaguchi, etc. They are outstanding Japanese poets. And, Edward Levinson, a haiku/-haibun poet and photographer, who is from US and now lives in Chiba, Japan, Scott Watson, a poet from US and now lives in Sendai, Japan. Preety Sengupta, a haiku poet from India, Naoshi Koriyama, Shoji Maehara, Sai Ryugen, Hiromasa Hayaski, Kozaburo Nagatsu, Haruhiko Okayama, Yoriko Niiya, and so on, The genre ranges from tanka/ haiku poems, free verses, essays, to such art works as photos, pictures, and card designed, posters, and calligraphy. Our original purpose was to keep publishing international anthologies in any languages and in any genres, crossing borders and walls of any kinds. These plans were at the first quite new ones, but now we have been being accepted by other Japanese poets. So, our next purpose is to dedicate ourselves much and the more, for love and peace, international, as well as to the friendship, international.

Author Profile

Noriko Mizusaki
Born in Tokyo. She is a translator, essayist, haiku & tanka poet. She graduated from the First Faculty of Literature of Waseda Uiversity, and finished the Graduate Courses. She stayed and lived in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, with her family, for one year. She attended the English Conversation Class for Wives at MIT and attended the graduate class of Shakespeare seminar in Harvard University. She has had not a few travels with her husband, to UK, Canada, Germany, Netherland, Denmark, Greece, China, Korea, etc. Later she came to attend alone, not a few poetry festivals or art fairs in Euro countries, like Macednia, Brasbakia, Paris, Germany, and Italy, as well as in Asian countries, like Nepal, India, China, Korea, Singapore, including places throughout Japan, like Okinawa, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Kyoto, Osaka, Sendai, Aomori, Asahikawa, and others. She also tried to engage herself in the cultural exchange between Japan & other countries overseas.
Bringing up two children, she had been engaged in teaching English and poetry to young Japanese students: she worked a one-year contract lecturer in the second Literature Faculty, teaching English and dramas, first, in Waseda University for two years. Then, she worked at Komazawa University in Tokyo, till her retiring age. Now she is a freelance.

Her Translation works: Eavan Boland “From In the Time of Violence” (2015, Book Way), Five English & American Poets (revised, 2018, Book Way)
Co-author, Japanese-English works: Kazue Shinkawa & Noriko Mizusaki “From Aunties to Children/ A Gift of A Bouquet of Poems” (2018, Book Way), Kazuko Shiraishi & Noriko Mizusaki “From Aunties to Children/ A Gift of Singing Poems (2021, Book Way)
Essay with Japanese Translation: Seamus Heaney “ Seamus Heaney On His Poetry & On His Talks / The Force of Father & The Force of Soil (2011, Mizuyama Sangyo Publisher. Revised E-book, Oikaze Bookstore)
Collected Tanka in Japanese: “A Long Night,” “Love Songs”
Poetry Books in Japanese: “The Asian Wind,” “In Front of A Goya’s Picture,” and “Swing of Love”

Memberships: American Literary Translators Association, United Poets Laureate International/ WCP, Japan Pen Club, POV California Zoom, PANDORA Group
Awards: UPLI/WCP in Osaka The Gold Crown for Women’s Letters, BESETO Achievements for Peace Diploma (from Beijing, Seoul, and Tokyo/ Peace & Art Congress of Mayors of Three Cities), Michael Madhusdan Gold Award (from India, Kolkata). Oki Islands for Emperor Gotoba Memorial Waka Prize.

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