What is Print On Demand?

Originally, the publication of books has been fundamentally done by printing a large quantity of books and therefore, offset printing was suitable. However, there were many situations where the situation required holding onto extra stock and in the end, there would be dead stock. The Print On Demand (POD) system allows data to transfer straight from the computer to a digital printing machine, making it possible to print from even one copy without having the need to keep stock. In comparison to the offset printing technique, the POD system uses the toner system instead of printing ink and therefore, lack's slightly in quality and stability, however, the result is more than adequate as a publication.

About Quality

When the manuscript provided from the author is computer data or when the data is edited by this company, there will be no difference in quality in comparison to regular publications. However, in cases where the copies are created from paper, particularly copies of old books, they will be copied as they are so any problems on the original pages will remain present. Also, we apologize beforehand that in such cases the performance, the performance of the e-book search engine will not be as functional.

Print On Demand