About Security

On this site, we take extreme caution to prevent the loss, destruction, alteration and/or leakage of personal information.

1. About SSL
When entering or sending information that distinguishes an individual, the information will be encrypted by SSL technology, and managed appropriately so that exterior sources cannot access the personal information gathered.
*A secure connection will be provided by the 128bit-SSL encryption system.
*The SSL connection will protect against eavesdropping, alteration and/or spoofing from a third-party between the WEB server and the customer’s browser, with its high level encryption system.

2. About cookies
This site uses a technology known as a cookie. A cookie is a function that sends data from the WEB server to the customer’s browser software, so that the content can be viewed by the server. The cookie technology handled by our company is not intended for gathering personal information of our customers. If the usage of cookies is denied, some functions within the site’s member’s page may be limited.

3. About access logs
This site gathers information such as IP addresses and browsers from the access logs. The information that is collected is used for analyzing user trends as statistical information. However it will not reflect on any personal information.

4. Links to other sites
On occasion, there may be links to external sites posted on this site. Any personal information gathered on these external sites is cannot be managed directly by our company, and therefore, we cannot assume any responsibility. When registering personal information on external sites, please confirm the site’s privacy policies first.