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Category: Arts and Literature (Poetry, Tanka, Haiku)(6/11)

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Category: Arts and Literature (Poetry, Tanka, Haiku)
Number of pages: 144
Size: A5

e-Book compatible devices: pc
Viewer: ActiBook
Language: English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese



Book Summary

PANDORA Is a bilingual book in Japanese & English, where Japanese poets and international poets publish their works together, crossing over borders, nationalities and literary genres. It is a Pandora Casket full packed with poems of English haiku or tanka, senryu, waka, essays, translations, art paintings, photos and others. Open it! You will get a surprise!

Author Profile

Noriko Mizusaki: a Chief Editor
A Poet and Translator.
2014: She acted as President of United Poets Laureate International/ World Congress of Poets in Osaka and was awarded with the Gold Crown of Poet Laureate for Women Letters.
2016: She published her translation work, Eavan Boland "In the Time of Violence": the Japanese version (Publisher: BookWay)
She is teaching English in the two universities in Tokyo.

From the Author

PANDORA III is the third copy published in Japan, in the form of the bilingual: basically in Japanese and English, though in other native languages are all right, like in Korean. We aim at the international, as well as our own each native-ness, to be delivered to poets and literary people all through the world.
In PANDORA III, too, you can read and enjoy Haiku, Tanka, free verses, photos, illustrations, translations, by the poets in the plural nationalities. Open the book, then you can enter into the castle of arts and poetry,struggling for love and peace in this world now.