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Category: Arts and Literature (Poetry, Tanka, Haiku)(2/7)

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Title: PANDORA -I-


Category: Arts and Literature (Poetry, Tanka, Haiku)
Number of pages: 104
Size: A5

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Language: Japanese, English



Book Summary

The Bilingal Anthology of the Contemporary Japanese & International Poems: in English & Japanese Languages
Publishes in 2015, in Japan.

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Noriko Mizusaki

The day has come
To hoist sails!
Putting everything
Into Pandora casket
We are ready to start

Author Profile

She was born in 1949, in Tokyo. She is an essayist, translator and a poet on haiku, tanka and choka (free verses). She graduated from Waseda University, in the First Faculty of Literature, in Tokyo, Japan, majoring in English and American Literature. The she studied English And American Literature in the Graduate Courses of the same University, in the Master Course with M.A.awarded. She then had studying in the Doctoral course. Before she finished the Later Course, she joined studying at the Graduate Course of Harvard University and attended the English Conversation Class at MIT. Returning to Japan, after she finished the Doctoral Course at Waseda University, she started teaching English, as Lecturer for the Liberal Arts Course in the second Faculty of Literature of Waseda University. She worked the position for two years (1981~1983). Then she worked for teaching English, in a faculty of Foreign Languages, in Komazawa University, in Tokyo, as Lecturer (1984~2020). In March, 2020, she retired from the post in Komazawa University, for the aging limit.

[Her Publication Works]:
Her Chief Editing & English Translation:
Eavan Boland: From IN A TIME OF VIOLEMCE, (Book Way, 2016), The Five English & American Women Poets, Revised Version (Book Way, 2018). Kazue Shinkawa & Noriko Mizusaki: From Aunties to Children/ A Gift Of A Bouquet of Poems (Book Way, 2018). Way), On the Force of His Soil & On His Father/ The Poetry of Seamus Heaney With Essays By Noriko Mizusaki (Japan International Poets Association, 2011), PANDORA I, II, III, IV. V. (Book Way, 2015, 2016, 2018.2019, 2020).
Tanka Books in Japanese: A Long Night, For Love Songs.
Poetry Books in Japanese: The Asian Winds, In Front of Goya’s Pictures, A Swing of Love, and others.

[Her Social Activities]:She acted as Japan President in The UPLI World Congress of Poets in Osaka, 2014. She is a life-long vice president in UPLI ( United Poets Laureate International).
[Membership]: She is members of Japan Pen Club, Japan Contemporary Poets Association, Japan Poets Club. And now she joins The California POV Zooms..
[Awards]: She has been awarded with so many prizes in the International poetry festivals and congresses: Such as The Michael Madhusudan Golden Award (Kolkata, India), The Gold Crown The Poet Laureate Prize (UPLI/ WCP in Osaka), and The Great Waka Prize In a Memorial of GOTOBA the Retired Emperor (The Committee of the Great Waka Festival in Okinoahima Islands in Shimane prefecture, for a memorial of Gotoba: the Retired Emperor).

From the Author

Pandora-I- is a Japanese-English bilingual poetry anthology by the poets of the contemporary Japanese and the international. It includes the Haiku poems or short poems, in English and Japanese, and the best poems written by the contemporary Japanese poets and others international, mostly with the landscapes of Japan, Kyoto, etc. If you are interested in the contemporary poetry, Japanese and international, the book will give you the best guidance and the way to it.
The chief Editor is Professor Noriko Mizusaki(Ms.), who is now a vice -president of UPLI and awarded with the 2015 Gold Medal for the English Haiku Section, and 2014 the Gold Crown for the UPLI/ Poet Laureate for Women's Letters.
2015 the Diploma of the Best Tanka Prize at the Okinoshima Gotoba ex-Emperor Memorial Tanka Congress: Selected by the lady Kimiko Reizen, a descendant of Teika Fujiwara, a best and most known Tanka poet in Japan.