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Category: History, Philosophy, Geography, Religion(5/21)

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Author: Peter Milward

Category: History, Philosophy, Geography, Religion
Number of pages: 96
Size: A5

Language: English



Book Summary

The word "ephemera" (from the Greek) originally means day to day events, such as one reads in the daily newspapers, events that change from day to day - like the song of cicada sinking into the rocks. Yet the adjective "eternal" implies the paradox that there is something unchanging in all these changing events, that there is something eternal in all these things of time. It may be compared to a rotating circle, at each of whose temporal points a tangent may be drawn looking out of the circle to eternity.

Author Profile

Peter Milward was born in London on October 12, 1925, and educated at Wimbledon College (a Jesuit high school). He entered the Society of Jesus in 1943, and after various studies he went on to specialize in the Classics and English at Oxford University. He came to Japan in 1954 and after further studies was ordained priest in 1960. From 1962 onwards he has taught English literature at Sophia University in Tokyo. In addition to founding the Renaissance Institute, the Hopkins Society of Japan and the Chesterton Society of Japan, he has published some 400 books, mostly as textbooks for Japanese students, many of them translated into Japanese, but now most of them out of print. Several of his books, especially those on the drama of Shakespeare and the poetry of Hopkins, have been published in England and America. Even in retirement he is still teaching and writing, as he enters his 88th year (or beiju).

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