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Category: Arts and Literature (Poetry, Tanka, Haiku)(8/9)

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Title: PANDORA -V-


Category: Arts and Literature (Poetry, Tanka, Haiku)
Number of pages: 200
Size: A5

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Language: Japanese, English, German, Korean



Book Summary

Pandora books are the place from which poets with any nationalities can deliver their poems, essays, and so on, with any works, like photos and paintings, to poets and writers in the international world.
Pandora books include Noriko Mizusaki and her works, Haruo Fujita, an Aomori Poet, Edward Levinson, a US & Japan Poet who is living in Chiba, japan, now, and Scott Watson, a US & Japan poet, living now in Sendai, with his family. Others: Naoshi Koriyama, Mayumi Sako, Ozaki Makoto, Sai Ryugen (a Korean-Japanese poet, his language is Japanese), Teresinka Pereira (US), Rex Valentine (US), And other outstanding Japanese poets, including tanka poets, like Hiromasa Hayaski. The genre ranges from tanka/ haiku poems, free verses, essays, etc to the art works, photos and pictures, to calligraphy. The original purpose of ours was to keep publishing international anthology in any languages and in any genre, crossing the borders and walls of any kind. It has almost been achieved and, our next orientation is to dedicate ourselves much and more, to the international literary societies and, friends.

Blog: http://www1.odn.ne.jp/~cat32320

Author Profile

Noriko Mizusaki: a Chief Editor
Born in Tokyo. Poets, essayist, translator. She attended so many international poetry readings, as well as the international exhibitions for the cultural exchange. She was awarded with so many international prizes and diplomas: The Poet Laureate Gold Crown for Women's Letters, from UPLI/WCP Osaka, Japan, where she acted as a Japanese President. And she was awarded with The Excellency of Poetry, from UPLI/WCP in California. Others include BESETO Special Prize for Peace Efforts: 日中韓平和功労特別賞、from BESETO International Exhibition in Beijing, 2019. She also published so many books, and E-books. She translated Dr. David Krieger's special work, GOD'S TEARS, into Japanese. The revisions were published in the paper backs in Japan and will be out in e-books, in a celebration of the ICAN Npbel Prize for Peace, 2018. awarded.

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