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Title: Narrative Renewal Theory: A Brief Introduction

Author: Nobuhisa Katafuchi

Category: Research, Non-fiction
Number of pages: 90
Size: 127×188



Book Summary

This book is a very brief introduction about a theory of narrative renewal. To understand the present cultural circumstances of the proliferation of narratives in their multiple forms, a comprehensive theory as to how they transform themselves in time and cultures is absolutely necessary. Such a theory would naturally broaden and go beyond the scope of the discourse-based structuralist narratology. Narrative renewal theory attempts to integrate the studies of storytelling, transfictionality, adaptation, narrativity, experientiality, and so forth to establish a new approach to both the cognitive and ontological processes of narrative transformation.

Author Profile

Nobuhisa Katafuchi (PhD) is professor of English at the Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University, where he teaches American literature, adaptation studies, and narrative theory. He is a Saul Bellow specialist and the author of The Narrative Consciousness of Saul Bellow (2007, in Japanese). He has also published An Introduction to Narrative Renewal Theory (2016; rev. ed., 2017, both in Japanese) and Narrative Renewal Theory: A Practice (2018, in Japanese).

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