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Category: Arts and Literature (Novels, Essays, Critiques)(23/24)

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Title: Top secret of the directive

Author: Li Jia

Category: Arts and Literature (Novels, Essays, Critiques)
Number of pages: 260
Size: 128×188

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Language: Japanese



Book Summary

The protagonist Li-Li of this novel, however, her husband did not give her living expenses, has habit to disturb everything, and did spiritual abuse against his wife ........
They divorced once, cause the problem of the eldest son refused to go to school, then they are remarried, but cause some reasons they divorced again.
Due to the people with strong political power who exercised the authority of the Family Court Judge unjustly. As a result, she could not be divided the marital property, but the separate property was distributed to him in the divorce, although he was failed to fulfill the obligations of the Child Support.
She appeals to the court, but The Public Security Police Force suppressing her objection.
New laws were established one after another in order to erase the police crime.
She caught a crisis that she may be arrested sooner or later by the new laws. Before the last trial ended with her ex-husband, she wrote a novel and record on USB that saved the data of these mysterious criminal and handed it to her boyfriend police.

Author Profile

Lee-Jia was born in Taiwan, and graduated from Fu-Jen University, Department of Japanese Studies.
After worked for a big Japanese company in Taipei, she married with a Japanese and came to Japan.
Then teaching English and Chinese as a foreign language lecturer. She is also a translator.
She got Japanese Nationality in 1984.
The novel "Goodbye My Son" is the first literary creation which was written in Japanese. (published in 2017, Tokyo Books Publish Co. Ltd.,).

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