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Category: General Natural Science(8/12)

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Title: My idea of geomagnetic generation and magnetic pole inversion.

Author: Masataka Nishikawa

Category: General Natural Science
Number of pages: 20
Size: A5

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Language: Japanese



Book Summary

In the current theory it is said that a magnetic field occurs at the core of the earth and it is occasionally reversed there. But in my idea geomagnetism occurs due to the flow of the mantle and outer shell and the rotation of the earth.

And I think that inside of both poles of crust be magnetized in the long term. And I think that record of geomagnetic is reversal of crust at replaced north-south.

Author Profile

Born in Mie Prefecture in 1946. Living in Osaka prefecture.
1965 entry a major electric product manufacturing company and resigned in 1973.
After that, worked for several small and medium enterprises, design office, technical consultant, speciality school lecturer etc,worked as mechanical engineering engineer.

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