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Title: An inventory of shellfish and snails found in Oita Prefecture (5th Edition)

Author: Tamotsu Hamada

Category: Research, Non-fiction
Number of pages: 258
Size: A4

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Language: Japanese,English



Book Summary

This is a book about the different shellfish and animals found in Oita Prefecture and its adjacent waters.

These include:
Proneomeniidae 1 species
Neoloricata 22 species
Gastropoda 1564 species
Aplysiomorpha 10 species
Pleurobranchoidea 2 species
Acochlidiacea 63 species
Bivalvia 452 species
Dentaliida 12 species
Land snails 135 species
Fresh water snails 22 species
Freshwater Bivalvia 9 species
Squid 13 species
Octopus 7 kin species ds

There are 2312 molluscs, animals and shellfish in this book.

Author Profile

Tamotsu Hamada
1937 Born in Ikushiminato Town in Oita City, Oita Prefecture, Japan.
1955 Graduated Oita Industrial Electronics High School.
1988 Retired from Oita Broadcasting Company.
1999 Began lecturing at the Marine Culture Center in Oita Prefecture. Became a member of the Malacological Society of Japan, the Malacological Discussion group of Kyushu, and the Biological Discussion group of Oita.

From the Author

For about 40 years, the author has identified over 2200 shellfish and snails.
This book is a collection of shellfish that have been collected from Oita city and its surrounding waters.
The production of this list began some time ago, and since then, some of the listed shellfish have disappeared.
Classifying all of the shellfish has been very difficult. The author did not compile this list alone, he had a great deal of help from many friends.
He wishes to thank them for all of their help.