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Category: Arts and Literature (Novels, Essays, Critiques)(13/24)

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Title: Promised poetry: Never forgettable love

Author: Masataka Nishikawa

Category: Arts and Literature (Novels, Essays, Critiques)
Number of pages: 364
Size: 128×188

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Language: Japanese



Book Summary


Since I met Yuko first, she has stuck to my mind all the time.
"Yuko, the princess who attracts all the boys and is unattainable for them, surprisingly loves me from the bottom of her heart. How happy am I? It’s like a dream".
I feel on the top of the world. The world exists for me. I have nothing to be afraid of. Magic is brought into me. I feel like being a hero who has a beautiful girlfriend.
No words are sufficient enough to express my feelings. This is no exaggeration.
I’m so satisfied and happy. Life can be such an exciting thing, in the classroom. How pleasant it is for me to go to school.
Akihiko has been filled with happiness for the first time in his life. He wishes this happiness would continue forever.
恋うひとに 思われている 幸夢心
This is one expression method from ancient times in Japan, called "haiku (俳句)".
Haiku (俳句) employs a rhythmic pattern used in conjunction with the 5-7-5 syllable structure, expressing emotions and scenes, etc.
This haiku (俳句) represents the happy heart that is loved by the person who is in love

The person I love also loves me. How happy it is.

As Akihiko walked closer to the railway station, he was suddenly fascinated with a high-school girl and followed her with his eyes. She walked into the station in the crowd under pleasant sunlight. Akihiko was just standing there without taking his eyes away from her.
He suddenly remembered Yuko who had been somewhere in his mind after he had been preoccupied with his business trip. Various scenes, such as her smile, bright voice and motion, and her at the classroom, started to shine one after another in him. The happy moment returned to him.
"What’s wrong with you?"
A lady talked to him gently.
"No, nothing".
However, it has been long since he stood in the same place with his eyes in tears. The happiest memory can turn to the most painful one.
Akihiko was sitting on a window seat on a Shinkansen train. He was turning his face to the window. Tears overflowed from his eyes. He was still in the utmost happiness. Yuko was fresh and smiling like a beautiful flower. Actually, however, she is not beside Akihiko.

髪型や 似た後ろ影 心を突き なお治まらぬ 鼓動
髪型(Hairstyle) 似た後ろ影(Similar back style)心を刺激して(Stimulate the heart)
治まらぬ鼓動(Uncontrollable heartbeat)
This is one expression method from ancient times in Japan, called "tanka (短歌)" or "waka (和歌)".
Tanka (短歌) employs a rhythmic pattern used in conjunction with the 5-7-5-7-7 syllable structure, expressing emotions and scenes, etc.
This tanka is represents never forgettable love.
However, Akihiko cannot decide the last seven characters because of his mixed feelings.
His heart is being confused with sad, painful and empty feelings, and filled with endless love.

Author Profile

Born in Mie Prefecture in 1946. Living in Osaka prefecture.
1965 entry a major electric product manufacturing company and resigned in 1973.
After that, worked for several small and medium enterprises, design office, technical consultant, speciality school lecturer etc,worked as mechanical engineering engineer.

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