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Category: Arts and Literature (Novels, Essays, Critiques)(6/24)

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Title: Life of love: Realize thinking

Author: Masataka Nishikawa

Category: Arts and Literature (Novels, Essays, Critiques)
Number of pages: 390
Size: 128×188

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Language: Japanese



Book Summary

The construction of a lodge in the ski field has not been completed due to the oil shock without any interior decorations or exterior packaging, or even a floor and with woodchips scattering. Then, a man and a woman encounter, find their pleasure and enjoy new year holidays. He lives in Osaka, and she lives in Nagoya. Her home and the company run by her parents are in trouble, and he throws away everything and rushes to Nagoya. He devotes his live to reconstruct the company. After reconstruction, he leaves the company to her brother and goes his own way, but he gets sick as a result of working too hard, leading him to an unexpected direction.


Even Yuuhime (由布姫) troubles or asks unreasonable things to Kansuke, he warmly takes care of and loves her more without being rewarded.
"Female beauty sometimes changes the soul of a man. Kansuke’s love for her is somehow bittersweet, fully romantic, and impressive together with Yuuhime (由布姫) beauty. These seem to be more dramatically remembered than imagined partly because of my wishful imaginations".
"But you also seem to love Yuuhime (由布姫). I feel like being jealous".

"You are advised to take as many photos as possible now. Tomorrow morning, we will leave early. Only silhouettes of Mt. Yarigatake and Mt. Hotaka can be seen in the morning in the shadow. The names of the mountains are, from the left, Nishikama-one (ridge), Yarigatake, Nakadake, Minamidake, Dai-Kiretto, Kita-Hotakadake, Karasawadake, Oku-Hotakadake, and Nishi-Hotakadake".
After pointing to the mountain range with his finger, Miki added.
"Although it is impossible to see from here, on the north side of Yarigatake is the steep Kitakama-one, and Higashikama-one on the east side. Kamikochi mountainous highland valley is just in this direction beyond Nishi-Hotakadake".
In this time, the sun is in the south-south-west direction, leading to the creation of various shades by many ridges, valleys and streams that continue from the sharp summits and ridge lines of the mountains, and the shades fall into the steep and deep valley while projecting a complete sense of solidity. However, it is impossible to see the bottom of the valley due to Mt. Okumaru (approximately 2,440-meter high) and Nakazaki-one existing between the Hotaka Mountain range and Kagamidaira.
Fortunately, the sky is blue and the contrast with the ridge lines is beautiful. The lines and surfaces of the mountain range are rocky and rugged. The rocky and sharp surfaces are the characteristics of Japan’s Kita Alps that seems to be proud of its roughness. In particular, Dai-Kiretto and Kita-Hotakadake look even steeper. They are simply magnificent.

"This kind of place will be rare in a sense that even inexperienced climbers can enjoy such magnificent views and feel like being in the middle of the Kita Alps".
"It’s good we have followed him".
Said Ryoko, look around everyone.
In the evening, the sun goes down to the west, leading to a decrease in the shades in the mountainsides of Yarigatake to Nishi-Hotakadake, and the scene becomes reddish and starts to be mysterious.

This time, I have to go to the office and restructure all the managerial aspects including finance. The situation is far tougher than before. For success, all the employees need to move to the same direction under my policies. This is just like conducting the orchestra while composing and playing. I need to be careful, or things will become dissonant or even chaotic.
Fortunately, the president has delegated power to me. The issue is whether the employees accept me, the newcomer. Some of them may not be able to perform satisfactorily under an incompetent and burdensome leader. Survival of an organization depends on the leader, and it collapses quickly if the leader mistakes. I strongly feel the importance of leadership.
In addition, the situation is urgent and a lot of money is needed. Bank loan – It’s a big hurdle. Even in such a crisis and difficulty, Miki is excited.
Miki is never greedy. Her existence is enough for him. He can devote his everything for her he loves. This is a great opportunity for him. It brings him utmost happiness and excites his romantic minds.

"A genius is required for our company to be research and development-oriented although we are small and short of manpower. He will be such a genius. For the main parts of the company, the genius should work hard and the other employees just follow him. Then, they can improve their skills. Everyone cooperates to assist the genius. Then, everyone will be benefited. To make this possible, we have to strengthen him as soon as possible".

Author Profile

Born in Mie Prefecture in 1946. Living in Osaka prefecture.
1965 entry a major electric product manufacturing company and resigned in 1973.
After that, worked for several small and medium enterprises, design office, technical consultant, speciality school lecturer etc,worked as mechanical engineering engineer.

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