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Category: Research, Non-fiction(11/11)

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Title: What!! π=4/√φ=3.1446... Is this true!? (Revised edition)

Author: Umeniuguisu

Category: Research, Non-fiction
Number of pages: 48
Size: A5

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Language: English



Book Summary

This book clarifies the relationship between the circle ratio π and the golden ratio φ from an uncommon view. I wrote it without using difficult mathematical expressions so that many readers can understand it at the middle school level. As I am out of my depth in mathematics, enjoy my thesis on mathematics.

Author Profile

I am just an artisan who engages in manual labor in Japan. I have only a high school level of knowledge about mathematics. However, I am greatly interested in space. I hope people on the Earth will make a large spaceship and fly into space in the future.