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Category: Photo Collections, Painting Collections, Picture Books, Comics(3/3)

E-books | Detail

Title: The Fluffy Sheep and Mr Chokinto

Author: Sara Takashima

Category: Photo Collections, Painting Collections, Picture Books, Comics
Number of pages: 38
Size: 200 x 180

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Language: English



Book Summary

Fluffy, puffy sheep.
What would happen if the Old Farmer didn't cut their wool? Stuck like that, fluffy and puffy, getting bigger and bigger....
Coming to the rescue is Mr. Chokito. With a “snip snip” of his prided scissor technique, the fluffy sheep go through a beautiful transformation.

First published October 2010

Author Profile

Sara Takashima
Born in Hyogo Prefecture.
Kyoto Saga University of Arts; Illustration department.
Internation Academy (Kyoto); In the Picture Book Classroom Research Department, studied the art making of picture books.
Sara utilizes both two and three dimensional media in her works.

From the Author

Sheep at shearing time, trimmed so clean and neatly. But what if they instead became all kinds of different shapes? If the sheep, and even ourselves, became different shapes than usual and were happier, what would happen? From that feeling, this story was created.
If reading this book becomes so much fun that you want to read it again, I would be overjoyed.