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Category: Medical Science, Pharmacy, Nursing, Welfare(3/3)

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Title: Thyroid FNA Cytology: Differential Diagnoses and Pitfalls

Author: Editors: Kennichi Kakudo, Zhiyan Liu and Mitsuyoshi Hirokawa

Category: Medical Science, Pharmacy, Nursing, Welfare
Number of pages: 336
Size: B5

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Language: English



Book Summary

This book "Thyroid FNA Cytology, Differential Diagnoses and Pitfalls" is the first English textbook of thyroid FNA cytology from Asia. This is the only textbook which covers borderline tumors and introduces you how to handle these tumors in your cytology practice. The forthcoming WHO tumor classification of endocrine organs classifies UMP (well differentiated tumor of uncertain malignant potential and follicular tumor of uncertain malignant potential), NIFTP (non-invasive follicular thyroid neoplasm with papillary-like nuclear features) and hyalinizing trabecular adenoma/tumor in a borderline tumor (not benign and not malignant) category in thyroid tumor classification.

Author Profile

Kennichi Kakudo, MD, PhD, FIAC is a Professor Emeritus, Wakayama Medical University, Japan and was a chairman of Human Pathology, Wakayama Medical University (1990-2011), and currently a visiting professor of Kindai University, Japan. He was a member of board of directors of the Japanese Society of Pathology (JSP) and was an author of the 4th edition of WHO classification of thyroid tumors. He developed his research interests in cytology and was on a member of board of directors of the Japanese Society of Clinical Cytology (JSCC) (1998-2013) and was a chairman of cytopathologist society in JSCC (2011-2013). He has more than 200 research publications in English including more than 100 in thyroid and parathyroid diseases. He was a committee member of the Japanese Thyroid Association (JTA) and introduced a reporting system for thyroid cytology recommended by JTA in English.


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