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Category: Arts and Literature (Poetry, Tanka, Haiku)(8/10)

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Title: Treasure Hunt Poems & Photos (English version)

Author: Yūji Minami

Category: Arts and Literature (Poetry, Tanka, Haiku)
Number of pages: 48
Size: B6

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Language: Japanese, English



Book Summary

This book contains English translations of the most popular poems from among the “Red version” and the “Blue version” of “Treasure Hunt – Poems and Photos,” both of which were published in February. The appendix at the end of the book introduces “Yūji's treasure hunting spots,” which are all areas that were indispensable on this journey of self-exploration. I truly hope that all of those who visit Japan for work or sight-seeing will, by all means, visit these places at least once and experience Japan's daily routine."

Author Profile

Yūji Minami
Born in Osaka in 1949. Graduated from Kansai University Law Department while performing government office work. Since he was a rabid fan of western cinema and foreign drama, he took charge of a labor union movie review column for four years starting in 1975. Published Shishū Takarasagashi (Treasure Hunt Anthology) in 1995. Started a website entitled “Takarasagashi Poems and Photos.” In 2014 he finished up his life as a businessman and is completely absorbed in studying to become a poet.

Susumu Miura
Born in Osaka in 1950. Went to elementary school with Mr. Minami. Miura has had a career, and a passion, that spans over 45 years as an amateur photographer. Responsible for the management and photos on the “Takarasagashi Poems and Photos” website.