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Title: Hagaki no hon (A Book of Postcards)

Author: Takeshi yoshimi

Category: Photo Collections, Painting Collections, Picture Books, Comics
Number of pages: 112
Size: 100 x 148

e-Book compatible devices: pc
Viewer: ActiBook
Language: Japanese



Book Summary

Fifty sketches of the vegetables, pots, tableware etc. that are close by us in day-to-day life, laid out for use in a postcard picture book.
Being postcard size you can enjoy looking through them and of course, after downloading the PDF and printing them one-by-one they can be used as handy, seasonal postcards.

Author Profile

After graduating from fine arts school, Takeshi Yoshimi took on an apprenticeship in a design firm, but unable to separate from an affection for the silkscreen, worked as a master printer in woodblock printing workshops in such places as Tokyo and Osaka.

At present is exploring ideas for the next “work”.

Blog: ”Shita ni denbo ga dekimashiten” (A tongue cancer recovery journal; surgery and hospitalization)

From the Author

Vegetables soon to become okazu (Japanese side dishes). Looking closely you can see their fine shape and fine color, so alive. The kettle, the pot and the bottle which are used casually. Seemingly indifferent and yet so reliable. Everyday life, the things we notice, all made into pictures.

On printing, the pictures that are to your liking become ehagaki (picture postcards). An "On demand printable book" that because it's not bound, can be used straight away. An "In this day and age...?" anachronistic postcard. The warmth passed from person to person. Heartwarming and nostalgic.
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