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Category: Hobbies, Collections(2/2)

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Title: A collection of rare sake cups. Volume two. Comic sakazukis for entertaining

Author: Ganpai-Insi

Category: Hobbies, Collections
Number of pages: 136
Size: A5

Language: Japanese



Book Summary

This is a collection of rare sake cups with photos and descriptions.

The first part of the book features a ghost face cup, a human face cup, an animal shaped cup and a shell cup.

In the second part, there are funny cups, a ghost cup, a group cup, a cup used for wine, and other funny cups.

Also featured is a funny erotic cup. This cup depicts naked bodies, but it is not pornographic, just another aspect in the world of ceramics.

Author Profile

The author was born in 1937.
He was an office worker for 37 years.
After that, he resigned and collected cups and enjoyed his life with his family.

From the Author

This is a collection of cups used for drinking sake. The collection is of rare sake drinking cups. It includes, interesting cups, funny cups and novelty cups. Each cup has a photo with a brief description.
The first part of the book is centered on the various aspects of cup surfaces.
Featured in this part is a typical devil mask cup with Otafuku, the god of happiness on the inside, it is also known as a Setsubun cup. There are other demon/devil mask cups, many of these cups were made in the Edo and Meiji periods.
Also featured are cups with faces of gods and animal shaped cups. Some of the outsides of the cups are made from natural materials, such as shells.