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Category: Photo Collections, Painting Collections, Picture Books, Comics(5/5)

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Title: Welcome to dream travel, the train window

Author: Masahiro Sawamura

Category: Photo Collections, Painting Collections, Picture Books, Comics
Number of pages: 104
Size: A5

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Language: English



Book Summary

First of all, I would like to express my thanks to those readers who have visited my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/world.train/. I have been fortunate enough to receive “like”s from almost 4000 people.

I have been taking and collecting pictures of trains, both nternationally and in Japan.
The unique moods of international airplanes.

I am glad to see people showing an interest in trains who usually wouldn't. There are many, many pictures, and I have been editing them down so they are easy to view. I
hope that you too can feel the nostalgia I feel within them.

Welcome to Dream Travel, the Wonderful Train Window.

Author Profile

In Japan and world wide variety, wonderful the train window CEO

This is the Facebook page of http://www.facebook.com/world.train

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