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Title: Astro Monkeys Go Space!

Author: Sumiko Mito

Category: Photo Collections, Painting Collections, Picture Books, Comics
Number of pages: 48
Size: A4

Notice: The e-book is available on Amazon Kindle Store.

Language: English



Book Summary

About 4.6 billion years ago, our earth emerged in the vast universe. Much, much later, about 200,000 years ago, our human race was born.
Living in the natural world, early people made many changes to enrich life on this earth.
Over time, houses and then high buildings rose from the earth like mushrooms. Dirt tracks became asphalt roads and trains and cars began to race across great cities. As new things were made, old ones that had served us well were destroyed.
Before we realized it, forests began to disappear and the seas, rivers, and skies became polluted. Disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and landslides seem now to strike often.
Humans had once believed that wealth and progress would bring us happiness, so what went wrong? What is happening to the Earth? Many people have begun to worry about the future of our world.
However, humans are not the only ones with such concerns. Out in the far reaches of space there is a curious land where the residents suffer from pollution, earthquakes, and hurricanes just as we do. Things there were so bad that many wondered if the problems could ever be corrected. And just when things seemed most desperate, it was…Astro Monkeys to the rescue!

Author Profile

My friends and I always think about space where we can't reach in an easy way and we drew this book ecause we would like you to find something important through AstroMonchi's exploration in space. Enjoy yourself!

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