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Title: Resources And Environment Economy and Sustainable Development

Author: Linhai Mei

Category: Research, Non-fiction
Number of pages: 286
Size: A4

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Language: English



Book Summary

This book is a theoretical study work on resources and the environment economy and sustainable development. The book collects a part of author’s research papers published in international academic journal and lectured at international conferences,
and includes his recent research results and unpublished study papers. This book is divided into 7 chapters, consists of 14 research papers. The book covers the theory and application of resources and the environment economy, agriculture policy and eco-agriculture, the environment and industrial development, the environment and trade,
environment and energy, low-carbon economy and sustainable development. This book contains both theoretical exploration and empirical research and it can provide a reference for research scholars, for students provide cases study.

Author Profile

Linhai MEI, was born in Anhui Province of China, a graduate of Nagoya University of Japan, earned his Master degree and Doctor degree at this university, is a professor of School of Economics, Jinan University of China and a visiting professor at University of Hyogo.
He is a director of Japan's economy research center and rural evelopment research center at Jinan University. He is one of conveners of international academic conference--RICA. He served as an expert at all levels of government and social institutions.
In 1992, he was trained at the North Dakota State University in the United States.
In 2004, he was an exchange professor, teaching in the School of Economics at University of Hyogo in Japan.
In 2009, he was invited lecturing at Rhodes University and Stellenbosch University in the South African.
In 2011, he was hiring for a professor at Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea, for one year.
In 2012, he was funded by the Japan Foundation, as a visiting professor at the University of Hyogo, Japan.
Until now, he was alone or in cooperation, completed 6 academic works and completed 60 papers. He completed 30 academic research projects. He directed more than 40 master students and doctoral students successfully obtained their degree.

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