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Category: Research, Non-fiction(2/10)

E-books | Detail

Title: The Essences of Japanese Dogs

Author: Tomiaki URANAMI

Category: Research, Non-fiction
Number of pages: 68
Size: B5

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Language: English



Book Summary

Nihonken are a living cultural asset of Japan. The brave, sympathetic spirit of the nihonken is something shared with the spirit of the Japanese people.

Particularly in this book, the emphasis is placed on the beauty of the nihonken's heart. I hope that you can rediscover the charm of the nihonken within these pages.

Furthermore, I would like to donate all copyright proceeds to Himeji City's “love foundation". On top of enjoying reading, please remember that you are supporting a worthy cause.

Author Profile

Born July 7th 1959
Graduate of Hyogo Prefectural Senior High School, Tatsuno
Completed two terms of office in the Ground Self-Defense Force

Currently employed as a Fire Lieutenant
Member of the Nihonken Preservation Association
Member of the Hokkaidoken Endangered Species Preservation Association
Dog keeping history; Hokkaidoken, Kishyuinu, Shibaken

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