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Category: Arts and Literature (Poetry, Tanka, Haiku)(1/10)

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Title: 66 The Mega Quake, Tsunami & Fukushima

Author: Kae Morii

Category: Arts and Literature (Poetry, Tanka, Haiku)
Number of pages: 64
Size: B6

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Language: English



Book Summary

When I wrote poems for Cabbage Field & Wind Power Generator" in 2008, I saw a rainbow-colored cloud and felt an ominous presentiment.
The unlucky fear appeared to us as the Mega Quake on the 11th March, 2011. The powerful tsunami beyond ourimagination was so horrible and destroyed the vast area, and the nuclear and radiation accidents of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was worst man-made-isaster. I hereby keep the memory and send you with my prayer for better future.

Author Profile

Poet, Writer, She is introduced in international poetry festivals, magazines, news paper.annual poetry collections and some awarded. Her Book: Red Currant 1997, Homage to the light, The Light of Lapis Lazuri 2003, Wind with Me 2006, Over the Endless Night, Cabbage Field & Wind Power Generator 2008.and so on.