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Category: Arts and Literature (Poetry, Tanka, Haiku)(9/10)

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Title: Waga Fukushima My Fukushima Mon Fukushima

Author: Taro Aizu

Category: Arts and Literature (Poetry, Tanka, Haiku)
Number of pages: 244
Size: A5

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Language: Japanese, English, French



Book Summary

Author Profile

Taro Aizu was born in the Aizu region of Fukushima prefecture, Japan in 1954. He has been writing haiku for 20 years, gogyoshi for 12 years in Japanese, and the both for 3 years in English and French.
Fukushima nuclear plant exploded on March 12, 2011, after a huge earthquake and the resultant tsunami on March 11. That summer I went to my hometown, Fukushima, for the first time since the disaster. There I happened to see my nephews hanging dosimeters around their necks. The scene gave me a great shock and that experience inspired me to write "My hometown, Fukushima". Moreover, I translated it into English, French the next year and then published it on facebook. As for gogyōshi, I had written most of them two years before while remembering my hometown. His gogyoshi-bun,"My hometown, Fukushima" has been translated into 20 languages in Facebook and his gogyoshi of Takizakura was translated into 35 languages in his poetry book, "Waga Fukushima My Fukushima Mon Fukushima".

(1)His books :
 1. "The Lovely Earth" in Japanese in September, 2005.English version in January, 2011 and French one "La Terre Précieuse" in July, 2011.
 2. Kindle collections of haiku and gogyoshi, "MY FUKUSHIMA" in Japanese, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German in January, 2013.
 3. "Waga Fukushima My Fukushima Mon Fukushima" in May, 2014
(2)His awards :
 1. "First Prize" in The 28th All Japan Modern Haiku Competition, 1991.
 2. "Special Prize" in the 2nd Love Poems Competition in Japan, 1991.
 3. His three gogyoshi were selected in the anthology of English tanka all over the world : "TAKE FIVE, Best Contemporary Tanka, volume 4" in 2012.
 4. Poet Laureate Award of website by Axlepin Publishing Website in Philippines.
 5. The International Excellent Poet Award,2014.
(3)His exhibitions :
The exhibition of artworks inspired by Taro Aizu was held in Holland, Brazil and Germany, 2012,2013 and 2014. And it will be held in Portugal,2014 and France,2015.

From the Author

His youtubes
 1. Youtubes of his gogyoshi reading
  (1)Japanese version by himself
  (2)English version by himself
  (3)French version by a French poet
 2. Youtubes of his haiku reading by himself