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Title: Phosphorus in Fish Nutrition

Author: Shozo H. Sugiura

Category: General Natural Science
Number of pages: 426
Size: A5

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Language: English



Book Summary

The first comprehensive book on phosphorus nutrition in fish. Over two thousand research papers have been critically reviewed and synthesized in this landmark publication by an eminent figure in the field of phosphorus nutrition in fish and aquaculture. The book begins with an introductory chapter, followed by Chapter 1: Phosphorus deficiency & requirements, Chapter 2: Phosphorus availability & absorption, and Chapter 3: Low-pollution feeds. These chapters collectively contain 79 sections with explanatory tables and figures. At the end of the book are 4 main tables and 10 figures which highlight phosphorus indicators, diagnostic values, digestibility, and environmentally sustainable feeds. The book offers numerous helpful, up-to-date information, including various reference data, research hints, pitfall avoidance, and firsthand advice. The target audience includes researchers, graduate students, fish-culturists, and legislators in the areas of fish nutrition, comparative physiology, aquaculture, and environmental sciences.

Author Profile

The author is a world-renowned expert on phosphorus nutrition in fish. He studied for a total of 12 years at Auburn University (M.S.), University of Washington (Ph.D.), University of Idaho-Hagerman (Post doc.), Harvard University (M.Ed.), and New Jersey Medical School, UMDNJ (Res. assoc.). He is currently a professor of fish nutrition and aquaculture at the University of Shiga Prefecture- School of Environmental Sciences, Japan.

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