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Category: Arts and Literature (Novels, Essays, Critiques)(4/24)

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Author: John Seland

Category: Arts and Literature (Novels, Essays, Critiques)
Number of pages: 118
Size: A5

Language: English



Book Summary

The twelve short stories in this collection are simple yet piercing snapshots from the life of Jack, a child growing up in Pennsylvania, USA. In an understated tone and with a prose style that lures us unaware into the mind of a child, the author draws us beneath the surface of his work to an often turbulent world where Jack, the narrator, relates experiences that gradually shape his character. With an authorial voice that eschews acerbity or sentimentality, John Seland looks upon his material with the level-headed gaze of a child.

On the surface, these pieces read as simple recollections of childhood and adolescence. Beneath this, however, there is the sense that each character reflects qualities that unite us all. The realism that is the hallmark of the book admits pain and cruelty into a symbiotic relationship with love and growth. Growing up, for Jack, is a matter of accepting pain and seeing through to the heart of things.

Author Profile

John Seland was born in the state of Pennsylvania, America, in the year 1938.
He was ordained a Catholic priest in 1968.
In 1976, he graduated from the University of California, Riverside, with a PhD in English Literature.
After coming to Japan, he studied Japanese for two years and then began to teach literature and religion at Nanzan University, Nagoya.
After thirty years of teaching there, he taught six more years at Shukutoku University, also in Nagoya.
He retired several years ago as an honorary professor.
At present, he does voluntary work with RASA (Rural Asia Solidarity Organization) on behalf of Filipino children, building small schools in the Philippines and providing food for malnourished children.

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