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Category: Arts and Literature (Novels, Essays, Critiques)(1/24)

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Title: BUDS

Author: KOSUI

Category: Arts and Literature (Novels, Essays, Critiques)
Number of pages: 194
Size: 128×198

Notice: The e-book is available on Amazon Kindle Store.

Language: English



Book Summary

Haiku is the shortest poetical form, originated in the works of Bashō who lived in the 17th century as the supreme Japanese haiku poet. English haiku has been taken over the essence for decades and developed in the West, and now literary phenomenon in bloom.

Buds is written in Japanese and English, and this is haiku poems which depict the nature and human condition in the writer with illustrations.


grabbing sands
God sprays onto each night
The Milky Way

flakes of snow
reflection on the paddle
of time

Author Profile


2015, Published Buds, the first edition at BookWay Online Store.
2009, The fourth art show, titled HOME.
2008, The third art show, titled Symphony.
2007, The second art show, titled Testimony.
2006, Had the first art show with 44 works, titled Harmony.
2005, Self-taught Japanese paintings for picture books.
Started writing English haiku poems.
2003, Published Japanese poetry books.
1998, Started writing poetry in Japanese.


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