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Title: The Grand Unification Theory of the Universe Dimension

Author: Hiroo Kuno

Category: General Natural Science
Number of pages: 72
Size: letter

Language: English



Book Summary

To tell the conclusions first, the present theory represents the final unification theory on the universe dimensions although it may not be understood instantly, represents the truth of the universe in parallel with the superstring theory and the M theory and is the blueprint of the Universe that assumes a major pillar of the Grand Unified Theory (GUT). The present theory allows the human being to have the entire image of the Universe, can explain any and all problems of physics that have remained unsolved to date, clarifies the dimension structures of the Universe, and is coherent and unique beyond comparison. Furthermore, the present theory demonstrates its consistency with the superstring theory and the M theory by simply assuming the 5th or greater dimensions in such a manner to meet the definitions and conditions of the conventional 4th or lower dimensions while considering the universe dimensions as the entropy-expanding receptacle. In addition to these benefits, the present theory can provide discrepancy-free, coherent, theoretical explanations for a diversity of unsolved problems of cosmophysics (e.g., the Big Bang inflation model, the membrane universe theory, black hole spacetime, dark matter, dark energy, compatibility of the particle and wave natures of quanta, infinite superimposition of time reversal spacetime and antimatter, all field theories, conditions for existence of elementary particles in the dimensions, the GUT of matters and force, and others).

I consider that the further introduction of "The Unified Theory of the Universe Dimensions" and "The Unified Dimension Elementary Particles Theory" will provide coherent explanations for sorts of conventional unsolved problems of cosmophysics. The final conclusions of this series of articles are the following:

1) golden symmetry exists in the 0th to 10th dimensions of the universe;

2) the universe vacuum originally consisted of 10th dimension; and

3) our cosmos exists in the 4th dimension in which the 7th to 10th dimensions in forward direction are superimposed infinitely while being influenced by the graviton of the 10th dimension.

The universe that is observed or calculated from the 4th dimension produces the biased view of dimensions for the phenomena of five or greater dimensions because dimensional complementation occurs. Namely, we observe, through the window of the 4th dimensional spacetime, elementary particles in the 7th to 10th dimensions that have coexisted from the beginning. Cosmophysics in the future will need to discuss five or greater dimensions by stratum. The present theory is the final unification theory on the universe dimensions, is in parallel with the superstring theory and the M theory, and constitutes a major pillar of the GUT. Rather, the present theory constitutes the GUT and contains a number of the rules and theorems of everything that may cause the paradigm shift in conventional cosmophysics, and becomes the legacy that is critically important and unique beyond comparison for the human being. To repeat the statement, the present theory can explain many problems of physics that have remained unsolved to date, can elucidate the dimensional structure of the universe, and tells the truth of the Universe without discrepancy.

The present theory, which I coined "The Unified Theory of the Universe Dimensions (UTUD)," provides the most beautiful, universal symmetry that theoretical physicists and mathematicians have sought for. Furthermore, the UTUD does not require any of the arbitrary setting of parameters, the unreasonable renormalization of infinite terms, anthropic principle-based ideas, etc. The Universe has only one pattern of the 10th dimension, and the relationship of our cosmos of the 4th dimension-the Cosmos-with 10th dimensional spacetime is determined uniquely. And, I assumed only the five items.

Author Profile

Author: Hiroo Kuno, MD, theoretical physicist of universe dimension
June 14, 1968: Born in Kainan, Wakayama, Japan

July 1975: Started to speculate on cosmophysics, especially the dimensions
April 1988: Entered in Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Business Administration, Soka University
July 1989: Considered hypotheses on the dimensions and submitted a report to a professor of physics in the liberal arts course. Meanwhile, read through more than 100 books on different fields of physics
March 1992: Dropped out when being a senior and entered in School of Medicine, Wakayama Medical University
March 1998: Graduated from School of Medicine, Wakayama Medical University
April 1998: Clinical resident at Wakayama Medical University Hospital
June 1998: Passed the national examination for medial practitioners. Interned in Department of Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care, Department of Gastrointestinal Surgery, Department of Internal Medicine, Department of Multidisciplinary Therapy for Cancer, and Department of Anesthetics
April 2002: Worked at Asami Cosmetic Surgery Osaka Clinic October 2002: Took up a post as clinic director
January 2005: Deepened my theories on the dimensions and started to prepare a paper. Meanwhile, read through books and papers of sorts of physics fields and verified the absence of incoherence of my theories with pre-existing theories
November 2007: Resigned from a post as director of Asami Cosmetic Surgery Osaka Clinic
November 2007: Opened Cosmetic Surgery Designers & Artists Kuno Clinic. Took up a post as clinic director
May 2013: Obtained the license of specialist from Japan Society of Aesthetic Surgery (JSAS)
June 2016: Completed systematically a paper on the dimensions in English
December 2016: Submitted the paper to several scientific journals

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