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Title: To the world of defect-free soldering

Author: Minoru Kishindo

Category: General Industries, General Technologies
Number of pages: 164
Size: A5

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Language: English



Book Summary

The soldering education (theory & practice) in Chapter 2 is not the content of difficult soldering. It is a story of the four elements of basic soldering. Among the four elements, the emphasis is on heat (temperature) and flux of active elements.

Chapter 3 is an article on soldering iron work. Explains the true purpose of soldering irons, know-how on repair with soldering irons, etc. This chapter also explains how to use "magic".

Chapters 4 and 5 are for automatic soldering (SMT reflow soldering, flow soldering). Why? Was it bad? What should I did to explain the cause and prevent recurrence? It was described in detail. In addition, for the people in the technical design department, "Please be careful here! If so, the defect will be zero" and explained the request content to the engineer (for example, "Florida Peninsula pattern" etc.)

Chapter 6 is a collection of case studies that the author actually experienced. Describes frequently occurring items. These are the cases where the cause was thoroughly investigated. If you investigate the cause thoroughly, you can understand the true cause and immediately take measures to prevent recurrence. As these are very useful examples on daily production sites, you should be very helpful.

Author Profile

I had worked at Alps Electric Co., Ltd. for 30 years, afterwards for about 10 years in Chinese companies (at Shenzhen)which was said to be "Factory of the world".
For a total of 40 years, I have been working at a board soldering plant and then the Engineering Department, Production Engineering Department, Quality Control Belonging to departments, etc., the main business was the work related to the improvement of soldering quality. I have engaged in all soldering processes from manual soldering using soldering irons to automatic soldering (flow bath, SMT reflow soldering).
In the production site, I aimed at quality improvement, and when defects occur, I have thoroughly investigated the cause and implemented measures. Having done this kind of work for many years, my hobby has finally become "soldering." If I stand next to each machine at the SMT production site, I feel strong the thinking of "Soldering failure, zero!"
With my long experience of 40 years, about the soldering iron work and the automatic soldering (flow soldering, SMT reflow soldering), even if you do wrong soldering work, soldering is possible. But in the long run it will cause bad symptoms and cause big problems in the market. Please refer to this book to avoid such a big problem.
With the cooperation of old business associates, I was able to publish a publication of "To the world of defect-free soldering". I hope that I can cooperate with the elimination of defects at many factories.
We published the Japanese version (2014 issue), the English version (2019), and the Chinese version (2016). The Japanese and the English version will be sold online by BookWay Publisher (ONO KOUSOKU INSATSU CO.,LTD.). The Chinese version is from EAST CHINA UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY PRESS in Shanghai and will be sold in stores and online.

From the Author

This book has been published to make defects that occur every day at production sites to "zero". If a defect occurs, you must thoroughly investigate the cause. I recommend you to investigate the cause, even if it takes time. If you do so, you can reach measures and prevention of recurrence soon. There should always be a cause for defects occurrence.
It is natural, but if there is no defect cause, it is a good product. It is this book that teaches various methods of the cause investigation. Do not give easy conclusions or results at the stage of investigating the causes of defects. It will always lead to the recurrence of defects.
At the quality conference, it is often the case that the item of 1% defect rate is the subject and that the cause is "part is bad" or "solder material is bad".
Think carefully, products are 100% identical parts. It uses 100% the same solder material. If the same parts and solder material are the cause of defects It should be a defect rate of 80%, 90% higher. For a defect rate of 1%, the true cause should be hidden elsewhere. Cause investigation is really important.
This book teaches you how to get to the real cause. Wrong soldering work which I mentioned in “my profile”, also generates defects every day in the automatic soldering process. Please refer to the contents of this book as much as possible to prevent such defects.
Readers! In the factory, defects to zero! Achieve!

"We understand it not because things are there but because we look at it closely."

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