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Category: Arts, Entertainment, Linguistics(1/1)

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Title: All Situations and Topics in Basic Japanese

Author: Kuniko Ando, Chizuko Kitazima, Mayumi Seki

Category: Arts, Entertainment, Linguistics
Number of pages: 268
Size: B5

Language: Japanese,English



Book Summary

This conversation book is designed for beginning and intermediate learners of Japanese. All conversations are natural and commonly used in daily life.
We have covered as many essential situations as possible for your comfortable life in Japan. English translation is included at the end.

Author Profile

ANDO, Kuniko
Graduated from Japanese Literature Department at Rikkyo University (St. Paul's Univ.).
A member of Japan Culture Study Group.
Had been an instructor of a Japanese language school, and a special class for returnee children who need Japanese-language education.
Coauthor of 'Kurashi no Nihongo'.

Graduated from Literature Department at Waseda University.
Principal of Wasedakeifuku Japanese Language School.
A member of Japan Culture Study Group.
Author of 'Nihongo de Asoboo 1~5' and "55+ Reading Comprehensions from N1 to N3 for JLPT" in Japan. 36 books for JLPT and Conversation from South Korea, China and Taiwan's publishing companies.

SEKI, Mayumi
A master's degree in Japanese language and culture at Ochanomizu University.
A lecturer at Tsuda College.
Coauthor of 'Dainigengogakushu to Kobetsusei' , 'Nihongo kyoshi no tame no Jissen Kanji Shido', and 'Nihongo de Asoboo 1'.

From the Author

If you have learned basic grammar but have difficulty improving conversation, or if you want to converse more naturally in Japanese, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU.