About viewing e-books

When purchasing e-Books, please confirm that the contents are clearly indicated in the "Sample Preview" area before your purchase.

Reading BookWay GLOBAL e-Books.

Purchased books can be veiwed in the "Purchased books" section of "My Page".
Once logged in to BookWay GLOBAL, click the cover of the book desired on the bookshelf in the "My Page" section.
The book will then be displayed with the online viewing software. For details of e-Book reader software, please refer to the "About BookWay GLOBAL's viewing software" section of this page.

*When viewing on a PC, “Adobe Flash Player” is required.

About BookWay GLOBAL's viewing software

This site uses "Actibook" as its e-book viewing software.
Please read the following on "How to read e-Books".

About viewing with Actibook