View on Personal Information

BookWay GLOBAL (referred to in the following as "this site") believes that it is its natural duty to appropriately protect our customer's personal information by maintaining our management system based on "the Act of the protection of personal information", in order for our customers to use this site's services and platforms without worry, while conducting electronic books sales by "BookWay GLOBAL" using the internet. This site will submit to the personal protection policy of the Ono high-speed printing Co., Ltd management company, and the contents stated below to ensure the appropriate handling of personal information.

1. Range of personal information

Information which contains specific distinguishing personal information (such as names, dates of birth, gender, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail address, credit card information etc,) will be protected in accordance to our privacy policy as personal information.

2. Gathering personal information

In order to use this site’s services such as purchasing products or/and to register as a member, customers may be required to enter personal information. In some cases, information may be gathered within the bounds of necessity for the purposes of marketing and/or surveys to help improve the quality of service, upon sending customers notice of the purpose of utilization, and/or making an announcement within this company's site.

3. Security

This site pays the utmost attention to prevent the loss, destruction, alteration, and/or leakage of any personal information.

1. About SSL
When entering or transmitting any information which distinguishes a person, it will be managed appropriately by the SSL encryption technology, so that gathered personal information will not be accessible from the outside.
* A secure connection is provided using the 128bit-SSL encryption system.
* The SSL connection will protect against eavesdropping, alteration and/or spoofing from a third-party between the WEB server and the customer's browser, with its high level encryption system.

2. About cookies
This site uses a technology known as a cookie. A cookie is a function that sends data from the WEB server to the customer’s browser software, so that the content can be viewed by the server. The cookie technology handled by our company is not intended for gathering personal information of our customers. Customers are able to deny or permit cookie settings on their browser software. If the usage of cookies is denied, some functions within the site's member's page may be limited.

3. About access logs
This site collects information such as IP addresses and types of browser from its access logs. The information collected may be used for the purposes of statistical information to analyze this site's usage trends, however, it will not reflect on any personal information.

4. Links to external sites
Links to external sites may be posted on this site. We cannot directly manage the personal information gathered on these external sites and therefore, this company cannot take any responsibility. When registering personal information on external sites, please confirm their privacy policies.

4. Disclosure to third-parties

Personal information will not be provided or disclosed to third-parties outside the businesses' contractors, without either the customer's permission or when permitted by law. Appropriate management is enforced by the obligation of contracts, to not leak and/or resupply customer's personal information to business contractors.

[Outsourcing of credit card businesses]
This site’s credit card accounts settlements are commissioned to UNIVA Paycast Limited.
Content of personal information:
The personal information needed for settlements between this company and the settlement businesses: "Name, e-mail address, sum of money, credit card number, credit card expiry date"
Purpose of use of personal information:
This information is used for the services necessary to carry out settlements. Any other purpose of use is strictly prohibited.
The release of personal information to settlement businesses:
This company may release or provide the following personal information if there is a request from the settlement businesses, within the necessary scope of accomplishing business of settlements.
"Name, e-mail address, and details of ordered products"

5. The handling of statistical information

Some personal information collected, may be used as statistical information without disclosing any personal information.

6. Mailing service

For purposes of providing information on products and services, or to reply to a customer's question, in some cases we may send e-mails to our customer's personal e-mail addresses.

7. Service counter for complaints of the handling of personal information.

For complaints concerning the handling of personal information, please contact the following:
Person in charge of personal information inquiries relating to BookWay: Segawa
Telephone: +81-79-281-0008
FAX: +81-79-223-3523

*Phone support is available only in Japanese.
*To contact us in English, please use e-mail.