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This site, "BookWay GLOBAL" (referred to "this site" in the following) is provided by Ono high-speed printing Co., Ltd (referred to as "this company" in the following). Please read the following terms and conditions before using this site. Please only use this site as you agree to the terms and conditions stated. The usage of this site will be perceived as an agreement to the terms and conditions. This company may change the site's terms and conditions. In such cases, please confirm the new contents when the revised edition is published.
This website offers links to our other websites as well as other company's websites. Please be aware that when using these other sites, it will also be necessary to agree to their terms and conditions. This company may commission a part of or all of this site's business operations, and other related services to cooperating companies.

About limitations on information available on this site

All rights, including copyrights of the information provided or posted on this site (including download contents) are retained and/or managed by this company. Without previous consent in writing by this company, any use of this information beyond the scope of personal use and/or abuse as expressed by law (such as reproduction, alteration, uploading to the internet, posting, transmitting, distributing, licensing, marketing and/or publishing) is prohibited. Please be aware that, depending in the individual information provided, customers may need to agree to separate conditions.

About prohibited matters

The following acts are not to be committed when using this site.

Acts which will infringe or may infringe the privacy or property of a third-party or this company.
Acts which will harm or may harm or act as disadvantageous to a third-party or this company.
Acts which go against or may go against public order and standards of morality.
Acts which are or may be illegal or tied to illegal acts.
Acts of false declarations and/or notifications such as registering under another person’s electronic address.
Acts with business or profitable intent and/or the preparation of such acts.
Acts which damage the reputation of a third-party or this company.
Acts of distributing or using harmful programs such as computer viruses or acts that may pertain to this.
Acts which go against or may go against the law, ordinance, and/or regulations.
Acts which this company deems inappropriate.

About shopping

Shopping agreement

Ono high-speed printing Co., Ltd (referred in the following as "this company") will determine shopping agreements (as referred to in the following as "these terms and services") as the following, concerning the settlements of prices when registered members purchase products from this company (Purchase of products using the concerned service is referred to as "online shopping"), using its information-providing services as well as goods sales services (as referred to as "sales services") within the service provided by this company’s website, "BookWay GLOBAL" (as referred to as "this site"), when registering for memberships.

Article 1 The scope of these terms and conditions and their modifications

1. This agreement will be applicable to customers who will use the sales services (as defined in Article 2).
2. This company has the right to change these terms and conditions without prior consent of the customers. In such cases, this company will inform its customers in a manner that we conclude to be appropriate.

Article 2 Shopping customer definition and registry

1. The definition of a "shopping customer" is a person who, upon approval of these terms and conditions, has registered according to this company's designated procedures of online shopping.
2. Shopping customers should notify this company immediately by separate directions if there is any change to the customer's address, name, telephone number and/or any other information.
3. Shopping customers are expected to guarantee that there is no falsehood within the information submitted to this company.

Article 3 Purchasing products

1. Customers may purchase products from this company using its sales services.
2. When wishing to purchase products, customers must apply for the purchase of products in the way specified by this company.
3. The sales agreement between the customer and this company will be formed when an e-mail of notification sent to the customer after this company has received an application of the purchasing of products by our sales services.
4. The delivery date (including the estimated delivery date) indicated in the consent notice shall only be regarded as a standard, regardless of the preceding clause. Delivery dates may be changed due to unavoidable circumstances of delivery services or changes to release dates.
5. If the customer violates the terms and condition regardless of the Clause 3 of this Article, or if this company concludes the customer’s actions to be inappropriate, this company will not have to consent to the purchase of products, or/and may lift or cancel the contract of sales, or take any other appropriate actions.

Article 4 Payment methods and payments

1. Customers are able to use credit cards to pay for products sold by our sales services.
2. The total prices of online shopping include the price(s) of item(s) and the shipping fee for print on-demand books and published books (print on-demand books do not have a shipping fee for domestic deliveries).
3. In cases where conflict occurs and is irrelevant to this company’s responsibilities, between the customer and credit card company, or/and the delivery company concerning the payment of products by our sales services, the concerned parties should resolve the problem(s) without causing trouble or damage to this company.

Article 5 Credit card payments

1. The credit cards accepted are limited to customers using credit cards with identical card holder's names as the customer. Again, customers making payments by credit cards are subject to the terms and conditions set by the credit card company separate from this company.
2. This company will request permission from credit card companies on customer's credit card usage by our company's designated systems.
3. The payments agreed to by the contract of sales between this company and the customer will be received from the credit card companies concerned, by the customer paying the concerned credit card company based on the contract between the customer and credit card company.

Article 6 Product delivery

1. This company uses designated courier services of shipping companies as a method of delivery by our sales services.
2. By contacting and delivering products to customer’s registered addresses by our sales services, this company is exempt from the responsibilities of delivery as a retailer.

Article 7 Returns

In the following cases, customers may return products in accordance with the methods specified by this company.
(1) Products which have been damaged or defaced during shipping, or mistaken products will be accepted for return if the customer returns the product after he or she contacts the company first within seven days of receiving it.
(2) In other cases which our company separately accepts.

Article 8 Cancelling the contract of sales

1. In cases such as the following, this company will be able to cancel the contract of sales between the company and customer, after giving notice to the customer. Again, if the customer is responsible, this company will be able to claim compensation for the damage inflicted to the company.
(1) In cases where the customer violates these agreements.
(2) In cases where despite products being delivered by our company as specified in our sales services, the customer is not available to receive the delivered products by our sales services, and there is no contact from the concerned customer for more than a week from the delivery date.
2. Customers, as determined in Article 8, may cancel their contract of sales between themselves and this company upon notification.

Article 9 Information that must provided during shopping

1. When a customer registers credit card information and/or addresses of delivery to this company, this company will handle this information in accordance to Article 9 of this site’s membership agreements.
2. If a customer registers as such stated in the previous clause, this company will perceive these actions as a complete agreement to the company’s possession of information, as well as the agreement that this company will handle this information in accordance to Article 9 of this site’s membership agreements of said information.

Article 10 Prohibited matters

Customers are not to conduct the following acts.
(1) The act of using an unauthorized credit card for sales services.
(2) The act of using the sales services in a way which infringes the law.
(3) Other acts during shopping which this company concludes as inappropriate.

Article 11 Compliance with laws and regulations

All customers are to comply with the laws and regulations of all related laws, regulations and orders (including, but not limited to, Japan's foreign exchange and foreign import, export) pertaining to the purchased product(s).

Article 12 Disclaimer

1. Customers are assumed to be aware of the dangers involving the transmission of personal information such as credit card numbers, and the possibilities of information leakage, and are self-responsible while using the online shopping system. Therefore, this company will not take responsibility unless in cases where the law does not exempt responsibility.
2. This company will not take responsibility for anything other than damages, loses, disadvantages of the use of sales services and the products sold within the sales services which are agreed to within these statues, or in cases where the law does not exempt responsibility.

About links

The content of third-part websites other than this company which have links from this site or links to this site (written in the following as "link sites") is the responsibility of each individual company, and therefore is not managed by this company. Please use link sites after agreeing to the terms and conditions of their sites. This company will not take responsibility for the contents or any damage that may occur during the usage of link sites. Furthermore, because there is a link between this site and another does not mean that this company promotes products, services, or companies etc, that are advertised on link sites. Again, this does not mean that there is a particular cooperating relationship between this company and the link site.

Links to this site are fundamentally free.
This company will not take responsibility for compensations and other complains and/or demands made by third-parties which your site is responsible for, with the exception of separate acknowledgement, and/or if the law does not permit exemption from responsibility. Please do not cause damage to this company which is the link’s origin with compensations and other complaints and/or demands made by third-parties to your site. If for any reason you cannot follow the terms and conditions stated here or you have no intention of doing so, please immediately cease usage of links.


This company takes the utmost care from all aspects when posting information on this site. However, we cannot guarantee that the content of information is accurate, if it is useful, if it is certain, if it meets the purpose of the customer’s use, or if it is secure (if the functions are disrupted, if errors occur, the modification of defects, whether or not this site’s or the server has any computer viruses or other harmful substances). Again, this company will not take responsibility for any damage caused by the usage of this site or any information that customers used or do not use. This company may change the information on the website without notice. Again, please be informed that we may discontinue or suspend the management of this website. Furthermore, this company will not take responsibility for the damages that may occur if information changes and/or the operation of this site is discontinued or suspended, regardless of reasons. However, if the law does not grant exemption from responsibility, it will not be limited to this.

Applicable law and jurisdictions

The interpretation and/or application of this site's usage along with these terms and conditions are to be based on the laws of Japan, unless otherwise specified. Any and/or all disputes concerning this site's usage will be handled under the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance in the Koube District Court, unless otherwise specified. These terms and conditions are not to alter the customer’s rights unfairly as stated by the consumer protection agreement which includes the consumer protection law. Again, if a section of these terms and conditions are deemed invalid by law, other terms and conditions excluding the concerned will continue to apply.
Enactment: July 2th, 2012

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