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Category: Personal History, Critical Biography, Family History(1/1)

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Title: Samurai and Cotton (Part 2) Cosmos in the Desert

Author: Tomoko T. Takahashi

Category: Personal History, Critical Biography, Family History
Number of pages: 422
Size: B6



Book Summary

This story is a sequel to "Samurai and Cotton: Japan and America," which was first published as the first edition in 2010 and a revised e-book version in 2020.
The main characters in the first part of “Samurai and Cotton” are Tomoko (the author) and her father, Kiyoshi. The story takes place in Japan and the United States. The first half of the story unfolds from the history of their ancestors and Kiyoshi’s upbringing. In the second half, the author's experience studying in the U.S. takes center stage. The final chapter begins with various incidents after Tomoko’s temporary return to Japan and then covers the twenty-plus years since her return to the U.S. (from 1979 to 2006).
In this sequel, "Samurai and Cotton (Part 2),” the story unfolds in a way that expands on the final chapter of the original edition titled "After His Passing.”
After her father's death in 1979, Tomoko returned to New York to study applied linguistics at Teachers College, Columbia University, where she received her doctorate in 1984. The story then centers on her relocation to and life in California. In 1992, Tomoko became involved in the establishment of Soka University of America. This book describes the history of the creation of the university and the legacy of those who have been part of this creation process.

Author Profile

Tomoko Takahashi, Ph.D., Ed.D., L.H.D., is the Dean of the Graduate School and Professor of Linguistics and Education at Soka University of America in Southern California. She has received a doctorate in translation studies from Monash University and another doctorate in applied linguistics from Columbia University, as well as a Doctor of Humane Letters Honoris Causa from Albertus Magnus College. Her research interests are in language acquisition, cross-cultural communication, and translation theory. Takahashi is an accomplished academic administrator, educator, researcher, textbook writer, translator, and award-winning author.

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