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Category: Arts and Literature (Poetry, Tanka, Haiku)(9/12)

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Title: Soh

Author: Mi chiko

Category: Arts and Literature (Poetry, Tanka, Haiku)
Number of pages: 76
Size: B5

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Language: English



Book Summary

It is an opaque world. With lower wall of the border, people, things and cars are now free to run around the world, and the plague, strife and inequality get the free development too. The governing ability of the modern country seems to be fading gradually. The God does not tell us yet how to manage the happiness of the people who lost the border. But, we are living.
We live still the small day-to-day. Mi Chiko believes in such a quiet

Author Profile

Born in Yamagata and grown up in Tokyo Japan
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies B.A., Sophia University M.A., Universite
de Paris 4 D.E.A.
Researching International Affairs.
Poems;“Grand'ma once in the plum rain"
Anthologies ; “World Congress of Poets"2008- 2012, “Ayuta" 2008-2011,
“One Hundred Leaves"2011, "Poems of the World" 2008-2012,

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